Taxibilar i New York City poster

An impressive photograph depicts moving yellow cabs – the symbol of New York City – with skyscrapers around. The photo creates the contrast between the yellow color of cabs and black and white background, between movement and immobility, and between tradition and modernism.

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Yellow taxicabs have long been a widely recognized symbol of New York City. This type of taxi dated back to the early 1900s, when John Hertz founded the Yellow Cab Company. This company dominated the taxi world at that time and “yellow” became a synonym with “taxi". Yellow Cab Company was ultimately bought by the Checker Cab Company, and it led the industry for years to come. In the 1950s, New York City was swarming with cab companies, and the taxi as an icon of NYC was born. In the 1970s, NYC cabs, like the city itself, were on a downward spiral. They were dirty, with cigarette butts, chewed gum, and paper cups littering the seats. In 1970, yellow became the official color of all NYC medallion taxis. By the 2000s, taxis had cleaned up their act and added minivans and SUVs to the mix of cars to accommodate more passengers comfortably. In this photograph, the yellow color of taxicabs is pop in the black and white background with skyscrapers around, creating a contrast between colors, heights, between immobility and movement. The poster, thus, describes the whole of New York in an impressive way.

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