Kokalöv i lila och grönt poster

A photo in style of modern art that depict a chinese coca plant foliage. This foliage is in dark purple and green color, which normally do not go with each other. However, in this case, they create an impressive poster showing different self of the poster’s owner.

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This poster is a foliage of oval-shaped leaves that look like chinese coca plant's in purple and green color. These leaves have thick blades, rough surfaces and their margin is kind of denticulate. They densely grow, which creates an impressive background of hues that do not go with each other. Normally, leaves do not develop in purple color. The colors of this image are a product of photo manipulation. The image carries the breath of modern art which puts aside traditions in art. It shows the mind ready for new experimentation of the artist. Besides, the figure of the image is also a rebellion - the plant of the stimulation cocaine. This poster of purple and green coca foliage can express a different self of the owner.

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