Skogsbrygga poster

A photograph of a wild landscape with a wooden pathway to Trolltunga in the middle of an uncultivated green meadow. Far away are pine family trees covered with fog.

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The poster is a scene of wildly growing green grass with a wooden pathway in the middle leading to Trolltunga. Trolltunga is a cliff high above a lake in Norway which brings you a magnificent view. Before reaching to a place with the view covering the whole horizon, we have to pass through an area with less impact of humans. The grass and wild plants grow messily. Pine family trees vaguely stand far away. Foggy air in the far distance, leaving the sky cloudy. We can not say that this landscape is attractive, but we can say that it is natural at it best. In the middle of this natural landscape is a human thing - orderly created thing - a wooden pathway. The whole scene of this wooden pathway to Trolltunga creates a unique landscape poster that you hardly find anywhere.

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